Choosing Ideal Undershirts for All Occasions

Most men rarely give much thought to the type of undershirt type that they wear day to day. This is probably because most people grew up purchasing cheap generic types that are practically disposable. However, times have changed and designers are more responsive to the needs of their consumers. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of undershirts to choose from.  Here are a few of the considerations that you are supposed to make when purchasing undershirts.

The main designs

The shirts have three major designs:

  • V-neck
  • Tank top
  • Crew neck

Each of the three has features that make them preferable when compared to the others. However, the purpose for your purchase of the shirt should dictate the type you choose.

Pit protection

The main purpose of the undershirts is to absorb the sweat from your body and protect the outer shirt from stains and the unsightly dark rings that form around the armpits.  If you need this type of protection, your best choice should be the V-neck or the Crew neck. This is because the tank top does not have coverage of the armpits and will not be able to soak the sweat coming from there.

The type of shirt you will wear

This is another important determinant of the inner shirt design you will choose. It is recommended that whatever you are wearing inside the dress shirt should never be seen peeking out. This means that if you are wearing your shirt with the collar unbuttoned, you have to try and ensure that you wear a V-neck, and that the V is deep enough such that it doesn’t peek out. If you are going to wear a buttoned up shirt, you can wear a crew neck because it will be hidden by the collar. When planning to wear shirt and tie, the best option is the crew neck because the V-neck distracts from the tie, especially when the dress shirt is made of a transparent material.

Covering up chest hair

There are some men that have so much chest hair that you would think they are smuggling a ferret or other furry animals under their clothes. If you fall in this category and are self conscious about it, avoid V-necks at all costs. The crew necks and the tank tops will do a better job at hiding what you need hidden. Similarly, if you have tattoos and other body markings that you would wish to conceal, especially in the work environment, it would be best to avoid the V-neck and opt for the tank top and the crew neck.

Mistakes People Make When Shopping For Men’s Undershirts

There was a time when men never really laid a lot of emphasis on their dress code. However, times have changed and in the corporate environment, presentation is everything. There are people that prefer wearing a plain shirt, however, for others, the snuggly warmth, comfort and style that comes from the undershirt is simply too good to resist. The little problem is that not all people really understand the dos and don’ts of wearing these garmets. Here are a few mistakes to be avoided when styling mens undershirts.

Transparent shirt and colored undershirt

There is nothing that ruins a look more than having a colored undershirt under a transparent dress shirt. When this happens, the person ends up looking poorly put together and even messy. In order to avoid this mess, look for the color combinations that will be least shouting. Many people think white is the holy grail of this garment color but at times it doesn’t help. If you want the undergarment to be less noticeable, you need to look for an undergarment that is as close as possible to your skin color. There are nude shades of these garments being sold everywhere and they will be the easiest to conceal. Undergarments that are light shades of grey also blend in much better than say white or other colors.

Garments with graphics on them

This may look like an obvious no-no, but there are people that still make the mistake of using their favorite tees as an undershirt. The problem with the trend is that sometimes, there are things printed of the Tee and it shows through the shirt. There is nothing that is more unbecoming than seeing the words such as ‘Seattle Seahawks’ showing through a shirt that has been worn to an official occasion. If you have to wear an old Tee under the shirt, let it be plain.

Ill-fitting Undershirts

There are people who think that since it will not be visible, they can get away with wearing an ill-fitting undershirt. This is a misconception that leads to one looking poorly dressed, bunched up in the wrong places and misshapen. Other issues related to this include undersized garments becoming untacked and riding up ones back, which is very untidy. When shopping for mens undershirts, always make sure that you have the perfect fit.

Wrong material

Cotton is the universally acclaimed right material for the inner shirt. This is because it is very comfortable net to the skin, doesn’t trap excessive heat and is very absorbent. There are also blends like cotton and polyester which are just as good. What one should avoid is materials such as nylon and others that are poor at absorbing sweat, uncomfortable and even generate static.

Choosing the Best Under Shirts for Men

Not many men really concentrate and find out the things to look for in the clothes they wear. This is probably because as a man, you are socialized to have a laid back and not much bothered attitude towards fashion, unlike the women who obsess over all the details. However, if you want to start looking sharp at all times, you need to start paying attention to what you buy and wear, both inside your outer clothes and on. Here are a few tips that can help you pick the best under shirts for men on a shopping trip.

How does the shirt feel to the touch?

The first thing you should do even before you start asking for sizes and a fitting room is feel the garment used in the making of the shirt. In addition to touching it with your fingertips, feel it against a soft part of your skin like the cheek. If it feels soft to the touch, then you are assured that you will be comfortable wearing it. On the other hand, if it is rough and scratchy, it means that it will not be comfortable to wear.

Is the shirt stretchy?

Try and hold opposite ends of the shirt together and give it a gentle tug. If it is a bit stretchy, then it is a good quality shirt. Most good undershirts are made of about 90 percent cotton and 10 percent Lycra or elastin, which gives the cloth some space to stretch and fit you even when you add a few extra pounds. It is this stretchiness that allows the shirt to stay in place once tucked in and not to come untacked and start riding up your back, giving you an ‘extra tire’ look.

What are the care instructions on the shirt?

The other thing to look into is the care instructions that have been given on the shirt. A small care label is found at the back of the collar. It gives direction on whether and how to wash, dry, iron, bleach and dye the cloth. The care instructions given are often a deal maker because for instance of the label prohibits machine washing and you do not understand how to hand wash or dry clean garments, buying it will be more of a bother than it will be worth it.

What is the cost of the best under shirts for men?

If you want good quality clothing, you must be prepared to invest a few more dollars into it. At the same time, good suppliers and sellers of these shirts are going to give discounts when you are making multiple purchases. For instance, if you buy a pack of three or more, the price could be subsidized a little.